Bootstrap button code

I have gotten used to using Bootstrap code to insert buttons and other things into my other websites. (Thanks to the magic and ease of TextExpander.) I see how with Foundry one can set the colors for each of the 5 Bootstrap “colors” (danger, success, alert, etc.). If I use Bootstrap code like below in Foundry would I get the traditional blue of Bootstrap or the color specified by me in Foundry for primary?

<a href="fullURLhere" class="btn btn-primary">my link</a>

Can I inquire why you’d use this over using the Button stack that handles everything for you?

Legacy content. I have some content that I’d want to use that’s all markdown with a wee bit of html thrown in (such as for Bootstrap buttons). I could change that over time (i.e. break up into different stacks), but for a quick move over to Foundry is the “use case” I was really interested in.

Foundry uses Bootstrap v4, so a good deal of the code is different from v3.5 or v3 or before. The code you’ve got there should work fine for the most part though.

Okay, just bought Foundry. Yep it does what I want: very cool! If I change the brand colors then the new “primary” color gets associated with my HTML code. Very slick!

I’m going to enjoy playing around with Foundry. Thanks for the great product.

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Not a problem! Enjoy it @mitchellm!