Bootstrap CDN and WC3 validation

Hello, liking the look of what you’ve done with Foundry. Just wondering if you’ve considered using CDN? Perhaps there is a limitation? Also, your demo pages look terrific. I did throw a couple against the WC3 Validator for fun and they seem to have a lot of errors and warnings (500 on one page). I know its not the end of the world to get validation errors on WC3 and one error tends to spawn another but I’m wondering if you plan to address some of those?

Hi there @Ade

The CDN is not a possibility in this case. Foundry is built using Bootstrap 4. Bootstrap 4 is not completely done as of yet, so there is no official CDN for it as of now. That being said, I’ve customized it greatly for Foundry. I use the SCSS files instead of the pre-compiled CSS files served up by the CDN so that I can have Stacks compile the CSS at the time of export, allowing greater customization of the code during export based off the users selections as well as to cut down on unnecessary code a bit, too.

As for WC3 errors – many of them are things like having a blank value for a target attribute or having an ending </img> tag. The empty values for things like the target or rel attributes is because of the way the options work. The blank tag is there waiting for you to possibly add a value in RW’s “add link” drop down sheet. While WC3’s validator shows an error it is really no big deal at all, and isn’t something that should worry you.