Branding Logo on mobile menu bar

Is it possible to display the Branding Logo only on the mobile menu bar? Don’t want it to show on the menu bar on PC.

Please specify which version of Foundry and which navigation tool you’re referring to here.

Foundry 3 v3.2023.09.06 and Navigation Bar


The Navigation Bar in Foundry 3 includes the branding in the mobile navigation bar by default.

Did you add a logo to the Navigation Bar tool?

Are you perchance using Sticky Navigation? Perhaps you enabled “Use Sticky Navigation Logo” but did not provide a logo?

I don’t use Sticky Navigation.

This is my setting:

I have my logo on the top (gray area) and the Navigation Bar is below. What I want is that the logo appears in the Navigation Bar when I’m on a mobile phone. I can’t find any solution for this. See my first post.

You cannot have a logo in the navigation bar if you don’t add a logo to the navigation bar’s settings. It just doesn’t work like that.