BreakPoint in Control Center

How can I change the BreakPoint in Control Center?
Nothing happens when I click on BreakPoint to make changes.

Please elaborate. Show us what you’re doing and what you’re expecting to happen when you do it. Screenshots and / or screen recordings help in explaining your situation.

I am trying to change these settings with new numbers.

You cannot change those. That is simply a reference guide so you know where the breakpoints are located.

There are enough individual breakpoints that you shouldn’t need to change them.

I bought the Yggdrasil Starters Pack and have problems displaying the page on mobile.


I’ve tried setting Max-Width, but it doesn’t work.

What are you attempting to accomplish?

The website does not look good on a mobile phone. See the left and right edges. (iPhone 13 Pro)

OK. So by default this is what that project file looks like on a mobile device:

This means something you’ve added, or a setting you’ve adjusted is making it extend a bit too far. It is likely the font size for your header “Widding kaffesystemer AS” as headings are not designed to break mid-word. This means it will extend past the bounds of the container, and often cause the problem you’re seeing from your modifications. Adjusting the font size at each breakpoint for your content is just one of those things we as web developers have to do.

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