Bug: Form Pro/ Field Labels are not sent with the E-Mail


I checked the box “Include Field names” and I need the E-Mail Adress as well as the name of the sender. None of both shows in the E-Mails I receive. Just the input of a Text Area is displayed.

Can you please make sure that the E-Mail is including all information, which means E-Mail Address and the Name?

Thank you


The full name and email fields are not designed to be sent within the message. They are used to send the email. The name and email address are at the top of the sent email – an example would be like this, in Apple’s Mail.app for instance. This content is a part of the email header information:

So perhaps we have a different understanding of the use of a form. The form needs to transport information which can then be processed further. Any hinderance here will be an additional obstacle. So when I use forms to e.g. invite for a vernissage, I need the name, the e-mail address and any remarks INSIDE the e-mail so I can copy and paste them all together into a sheet.

Now I would have to copy the Name from the Header, the e-mail address from the header and rest from the text field. This is inconvenient. And I think it is more important for our paying clients to have a decent workflow than to stick to a comparism with an e-mail app. For this, I could use the basic form of Foundry. But the Forms should actually be more flexible this way in my opinion.

Any thoughts?



I can look at adding the full name and email address as optional items within the email. Currently the form is not designed to do what you’re wanting specifically as those were not meant to be data collection items within the form, but instead used to send the form itself.

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Yes, this would be a great solution, if possible.