Bug in Blog Entries of Alloy 3

I am running Alloy 3.1.0 and Changed the “Posts Folder” property from “posts” to “posts_Aros” in the Alloy stack. The editor picks that up but not the Blog Entries stack! The Blog Entries stack says it created the “posts” folder not the “posts_Aros” folder and populated it with som entries.

I have tried to manually create the “posts_Aros” folder but it does not work! The Blog Entries stack still created the “posts” folder

Need help fixing this, it kind of mucks everything up for me!

Hi there @Mikael

Have you changed the posts folder in the Alloy Control Center on both the editor and blog page? It sounds like you only changed it in one location from your description.

Yes, I have the Alloy stack in a partial

There is something more fishy about this. I changed back to “posts” and now the editor page is still stuck on “posts_Aros” I wiped the files on the server are republished all files. but the editor is still in “posts_Aros”

You cannot place the Alloy Control Center stack in a Partial. Alloy uses page-wide Stacks variables which cause problems with Partials. If you’re interested in more in-depth details I have a blog post from January 2019 about it here:

Remove your Control Center stack from the Partial on any page where you’re using it in a Partial. Then double-check that your Posts folder is configured how you want it. Save your project file and then, just out of an abundance of caution, quit and restart RapidWeaver. Once you re-open your project file you’ll want to do a “Republish All Files” from to ensure everything gets republished to your server.

Thank you!

Now that I would never have found on my own!

No problem. Glad you got it sorted.

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