Bug / odd behavior: couldn't get rid of border

I had an “entry Border” on my conditional category display. I decided I didn’t like it, turned it off, but it would not go away. Tried different browser, clearing cache, etc, to no avail. Tried turning on shadow to no effect. Finally, to make sure changes were being recognized, I centered the “Date & Cat. Align”. Voila - the border disappeared (and the date/cat was centered).
For kicks, I then enabled the drop shadow, published, and it was there. Turned off drop shadow, published, still there. Centered Date & Cat again, published, drop shadow went away.

Hi @lwhitten

We’re going to need more details to troubleshoot what you’re seeing.

The first thing we’ll need is a copy of your project file. You can send a ZIP file containing it to adam at elixirgraphics dot com via WeTransfer or a similar service.

It would be helpful to get a screen recording of the steps you’re taking to replicate this, since it seems you’ve been able to easily replicate it. You can create a screen recording in OS X using CMD+SHIFT+5, which will give you controls for making a video. You can ZIP and share this video with me the same as the project file.

If it helps, one thing I think I’ve noticed (I’ve not actually checked too carefully yet) is that when the Blog stack is inside the conditional stack, changing some settings using the simple option, ie. when you adjust one value to change all values: like changing the padding or border on all side by typing a single value into a box, opposed to changing it for each side, sometimes it doesn’t “take”.

A workaround is to click the little “plus” icon and change the value individually for each side.

I haven’t really dug into this yet, so not sure if it’s a real problem, or one I’ve created myself using custom css (which I do a lot), so as yet I’ve not raised it with anyone. I’m on holiday at the moment but plan to look into this when I get back.

But I figured it might be worth mentioning here, as I think I did see this when adjusting borders. Not 100% on that though, so give it a try.

thanks much - I will do this Sunday or Monday