Bug: The Bulleted list

Hi, it seems I can not set the icon color and the text color together. The moment I set one, the other vanishes. Example: I use a custom icon for the bullets. I set the color for them to white. Now I do not have the option to set the color of the list text, even though List Style is set to Color Pickers.

When I set the List Style to Color Pickers and then try to set the Custom Individual Icons, the previous color for the text is reset. I can now set the color for the icon, but not the text.

But never both.

Not sure I’m following you. Any chance you can record a video for me using something like ScreenFlow, or some other app, so I can see what you’re talking about?

Now that I’m home and at the computer I think I see what you’re talking about. Was hard to take in the description without seeing it in action. Downside to answering support on the iPad, huh?

I think the problem lies in a duplicate ID name in the PLIST file. The good news is it should be fixable and should be included in the next update. The bad news is it will reset the color of all bulleted lists to the default. So any pre-existing bulleted lists will have to have their colors chosen again. This is because the ID name in Stacks is changing so it cannot link the previous choice to the new ID. :confused: