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So folks, I loved Foundry 2. It was analogous to buying a car, being able to change the colors, size and it was easy.

Foundry 3? Overly complicated for simple folks like myself. Want to drive the car? Ok, you now have to add the left turn module, right turn module, windshield washer module and the change was to make this “lighter”, so better gas mileage?

I suggest that you put the Container option back in - label it old style so we have a choice and can rapidly dev a site like I used and bought the original program for. Keep the new stuff for anyone that wants it.

Bug 1: Background in Control Center. All I get, NO MATTER WHAT is a black background. It does not change with any of the adjustments on the bottom.

Bug 2: REMS. I don’t use REMS. I use pixels and when I change that setting, it DOES NOT CHANGE anything else and all of the measurements are STILL in REMS. Asking me to sit and calculate 16 pixels to rems each time is time wasting.

Have this setting STICK in every spot so I can move forward with projects - I was trained in pixels.

When you buy a computer, monitor or phone, it’s measured in PIXELS. Not REMS.

Can you provide me a copy of your project file please. This will let me see what you’re working on and diagnose your layout better.

Create a ZIP file containing your project file. This is the file you open in RapidWeaver to edit your site. After creating the ZIP file, upload it using a service like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Droplr, or a similar service to create download link for us. Paste that download link in your reply.

What adjustments are you referring to? Can you provide a screenshot so we can see what you’re referring to here?

Foundry builds pages that are responsive, as you know. REM is a responsive measurement and also allows people with accessibility concerns to be able to scale things up for visibility. You can as you know choose pixels, but Stacks does not have a way for tools like Foundry to make a change in one tool that affects settings in another tool. It just isn’t how Stacks works.


The original Foundry 2 - all items are in pixels. What do you mean? The current Control Center is in REMS, and not I pixels. If I change that measurement to pixels, the rest of the control center should change to that measurement not stay in REMS.

That is either a bug or what?

Correct. That is why the Foundry 3 use of REM as a default measurement is an improvement over Foundry 2. It may not be to your liking, but it is a better way of doing things.

It is just not how Stacks works. As I said, changing a setting, say in the Control Center for example, cannot affect the other tools on the page per the Stacks API. I have no control over that. If I did I’d have certainly coded it that way as it would definitely be more convenient for sure. But it just doesn’t work that way.

The Control Center is your product? You can’t change that? If I change that back to PIXELS, the rest of the measurements should remain in PIXELS in the tools that come with Foundry 3.

Even your breakpoints are in pixels.

Control Center is still using the Stacks API. Everything Foundry uses the API. One tool in Foundry cannot affect the settings in another tool, as I stated before. This isn’t something I can change.

They’re listed as pixels for users reference.

Did you still need assistance with your site background color setup?


Breakpoints are physical screen-sizes/dimensions, which as you rightly point out, are measured in pixels.

Typography for web design is measured in REM, which as @elixirgraphics says, is the new world of responsive web design.

Yes, Control Center is part of Foundry 3, but it sits on top of the Stacks API, so is completely reliant on @isaiah’s plugin, which in turn (currently) sits on top of the Rapidweaver API, so as someone who clearly knows about technology, you’ll immediately see why it’s not as straightforward as it may seem to the uninitiated.


@pcassist You may want to read this article:
REM and Pixel: differences of the 2 units of measurement.

I get that you may not want to change … but the web has already changed. Up to you whether you want to adapt or …

And when I say “web” I don’t mean just Foundry. I mean web design period.


I was resistant too. Seriously. But I :heart: REM now.

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Yeah, I wasn’t a fan initially, but the world moves on.

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Once I read an article like the one I linked to above I was completely sold. But I did need some education about why REM was preferable. Now I’m used to it but it felt strange at first.

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