Bulleted lists?

I used the Foundry bulleted list in a Margins stack inside a Container stack. The bullets are set to check marks and the Icon Style color is set to blue.

The live preview displays correctly, but when I publish the site, all te checkmarks are black.

What am I doing wrong?

Hm, tried it here and no color changes. Clear Browser cache maybe? Or can you provide a link to the site for one of the html / css savvy people?

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Hi @Surf

As I posted in your other thread, send me the following and I can have a look at things for you when I am in the office:

  • A ZIP file containing your project file
  • A link to the live page where you’re seeing this problem.
  • A screenshot of said problem.

Thanks for the suggestions. I managed to fix it, but am not sure how. Toggled the color setting, re-uploaded the site and reloaded the page, now it seems to work correctly.


Glad to hear you got it sorted out. I’ll go ahead and mark this one as solved then.