Button Group not opening in new window

I have a button group on this page

You will see it Spotify, iTunes, etc The grey buttons after the accordion.

In testing, it seems that only the first click will open in a new window in Safari. In Chrome and Firefox they don’t seem to work at all. They just replace the current window.

All of the buttons are set to open in a new window using the edit link feature.

I could swear this was working before. I’m wondering if it is an incompatibility issue with another stack.

There are also stand alone buttons on the page that work as expected.

There are no settings in Button Group that I can see to effect this choice.

The buttons within the Button Group differ from normal buttons. They do not have a hard coded target property, which is necessary for opening in a new window. This would need to be added directly to the link code in the tool. This is something I’ll note as a feature addition for a future update.


Thanks for the clarification Adam. I’ll just make a group out of separate buttons.

The edit link does have a checkbox to open in new window, btw.

Thanks again.

Yes. I understand. That checkbox cannot do anything without a corresponding hard coded property within the tool’s link. The RapidWeaver link dialog unfortunately doesn’t have the ability to just analyze the link and add it on its own. That checkbox is not a part of Stacks, and vice versa, so that property has to get added in the individual link within the tool to help them communicate with one another.

I’ve added this to my very long to-do list, so it will definitely make it as a feature addition in a future update.

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Interesting. I was trying to describe Rapidweaver the other day, and I said it was like being a chef in a kitchen. You have all these ingredients from different places, and how you put them all together determines how well the meal comes out.

I can’t think of any software that is equivalent. Key ingredients by themselves are almost unusable. (Which makes me wonder if that is what Elements might be trying to change).

It never dawned on me that they put in tools that don’t work until you code behind them.

I decided to leave the Button Group as is. There is no way to freehand code that easily and have it look so good.

Thanks for making me think. :slight_smile:

Not sure I follow on the analogy.

This is true to a limit. The dinner ingredients are the things you offer up though as the site creator. The images, text, links, videos, etc. RapidWeaver, Stacks, Stacks addons like Foundry, etc – these are your kitchen tools. You know how to use them in concert with one another, but the blender doesn’t talk to the oven for example. You use them both for making the cake, but that doesn’t mean they interact directly.

As for Elements – I don’t think that is the reason for Elements.