Button Group / Space between buttons / Any idea?

Hi fellow designers. I am using the button group but I need to add some space between the buttons. Is there a CSS I could use to achieve this?

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I would suggest not using a Button Group stack then. The Button Group is specifically meant to join the buttons.

If I using columns then the buttons are either too close or too far apart (as they have different lengths). Hmm - any idea?

I need some space between those…

Use Button stacks with the Block feature turned on inside of Columns.


Is there a way to control/set the spacing between the buttons? I’m guessing the spacing is something like 40 to 60 px. I realize there may be no way to control the spacing, but wanted to make sure.

Are you referring to changing the gutters for the Columns stack? If so, not that is not a feature of the stack. The Columns stack uses the built-in Bootstrap gutters currently. You could disable the gutters for the Columns stack though and then wrap the buttons in individual Margins stacks and set whatever spacing you want at each breakpoint.


Got it. Great suggestion: I had not thought of that.

Hi, in desktop buttons (in columns) look great. On mobile they cover each other (and my banner gets hidden as well). Would appreciate some insight on this.

Likely due to your settings for the Banner height. Be sure to have a look and assess whether or not you’ve given your Banner content enough height to contain your content. If you feel everything is correctly setup, feel free to post a live URL and a copy of your project file for us to look at.

Provide us a copy of your project file please, along with a link to the live site.

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As an aside, it is probably best not to reply to 4 year old posts, and instead create a new one for your specific problem.