Button tool tips not working?

Do you have any suggestions on why tooltips are not working on the Button Foundry stack? ToolTips are enabled in master theme - also tried switching off master theme for the page and enabling it locally. Tried different browsers, cleared caches etc. Using RW7 and current version of Stacks
Thanks - Nick

Hi @nicksmith — if you can provide me with a ZIP file containing your RW project file I can take a look when I get into the office later.

Also let me know what version of RW you’re using specifically as well as what version of Foundry.

Just realised tooltips ARE working on html pages - but not on php pages. And it’s not just the Button stack - TTs appear on other buttons and rollovers on html pages even where they haven’t been selected. So maybe it’s a Stacks or RW issue?

If you send over your project file I’ll be glad to have a look. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to let me know what version specifically of RW you’re using when you send that over.