Can Accordian have a Master Title so it starts compressed?

Is there way to add an Accordion master title so that it is completely collapsed before you open it? I am new to Foundry and porting over a mixed bag of stacks. What I was using was JW Squeezebox. It has a title/button which then opens the accordion. As a result, it takes up very little screen space until it is open.

Is there a way to do mimic this behavior?

Hi @stevec – I’m not quite following what you’re looking to do.

Each Accordion item begins collapsed unless you set one of them to start in the opened state using the “Start Open” feature in the child stack.

If you have an example of what you’re talking about it might be easier to visualize what you’re trying to accomplish.

Here is what I mean.

The downloads is an accordion with 2 items, but the repertoire list has like 14. So many on a page would be overwhelming and not that important. I want to have them appear behind a single button. I guess you could call it an accordion case. :slightly_smiling_face:


Actually, maybe that’s not how I created it at all. There is just one item in the accordion, and just a lot of stuff within that one accordion. The label is just the standard label, and the content just loads. There is not 14 separate headers, except the ones in the layout that I created manually.

I don’t personally like this approach to page design, but you can nest the Foundry Accordion stack (see below). If you do so, I would keep the content in the Accordion Items as simple as possible.

In checking your website, I see an accordion with two accordion items. The first accordion item has links to two downloads. The second has one long entry. No accordion-in-accordion needed that I can see.

Here is what I see as your Foundry structure:

Accordion item 1
Paragraph with two lines linked to resources set to open in a new tab.

Accordion item 2

Yep. That’s just an Accordion. You can put multiple headers, paragraphs, whatever in them. Experiment.

Here is a quick mock up using a little of your text:

The default for an accordion is to start with all accordion items closed.

You can change this in the controls for each individual accordion item.

Thanks for your responses. You’re right that it is just a simple accordion with a closed title. I figured that out and added a comment to my original post, but I think it didn’t make emails that already went off. I must say, as a newbie to Foundry, I greatly appreciate the detailed responses. It’s so nice how things work, and the detailed documentation and videos is helping a lot. The problem here, as usual, was operator error.