Can Alloy upload a document file

Hi, client wants to put a link to a Word document (can also be a PDF) into the Alloy blog can this be done?


Alloy does not allow you to upload such a document in the Editor. You’d need to upload it via FTP and link to it within your blog post.

There is a really good stack for this sort of thing, it’s called Repository, made by Instacks.

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Thanks Alan, that’s a pity not so easy to tell a client as I know they would not be able to do that. Something to think about for the new version of Alloy.

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@pat : Yes, it may be hard for a client to do this on their own (FTP stuff). As @TemplateRepo mentioned Repository is really the way to go. I’ll admit Repository is a bit of overkill if the client only has 1 “thing” they want visitors to download. But you can use Repository on multiple sites for other clients as well.

Although I suppose not impossible, it would not be easy for this capability to be added to Alloy.

Hi Peter (@pat) – I am sorry. But this isn’t something that the Alloy editor for Blog Posts should really be handling I don’t think.

I don’t know that it would be extremely hard to do, I just don’t see it as more than a niche need honestly. There is a lot of other things on my future features todo list that I think would be more important and widely used that I want to get into Alloy.

@elixirgraphics I agree. I’m just thinking of the added support you would likely get bombarded with when adding this feature!

I think the process that @mitchellm and @TemplateRepo outlined would work pretty well for this. Hope that helps you out Paul, Peter, errr… Pat (@pat) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is what I meant to post last night, but got my scripts mixed up so deleted the post.

If Repository is OTT for you, it doesn’t get much simpler than this: GitHub - jcampbell1/simple-file-manager: A Simple PHP file manager. The code is a single php file.

Just create a folder, add the index.php file you get in the package downloaded from that linked page, change the password, and boom, you have a super simple file upload system.

I used this loads before moving to Repository.

There’s also this free stack which creates a simple file upload system - FileMan | Stacks4Stacks

But I suspect from the OP that the issue is the client finding the correct link and then adding it to the post.