Can I add my own masks to Mask Stack?

Is it possible to insert my own masks in Mask Stack? If so - how do I do this?

I’m not sure I follow your question. The mask stack allows you to manipulate the settings to create your own designs using the child stacks. Additionally you can layer multiple masks on top of one another. In what way are you looking to make your own mask outside of the provided controls?

Have you given the tutorial video a watch?

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I want to upload/add my own type of mask, if possible.
When I press the plus icon, there is no choice for this.

I hope you understand what I want to do.

Sorry, you can’t do that, it is not a feature. If you could it would be outlined in the documentation for the Mask stack and covered in the tutorial video.

Is this a feature that you can add to a later version?

What are you wanting to upload specifically?

I ask because Mask work with parametric settings and very specifically designed SVG code.

Then I have misunderstood. I thought the mask was just a picture.

The mask is comprised of SVG code that is altered procedurally by the values you supply it. In some instances it is a preset SVG, but with some modifications. The way it works, it would not allow for custom drop in images. At least not at this time.