Can I do this with Foundry stacks?

I like this effect from the Big White Duck’s Foundation only stacks page

An image which reveals other content on hover.

I’d also want it to be clickable to go to another page.

I’d like it to use Foundry stacks, but other solutions would be fine.

Any thoughts would as always be very welcome


That was done with Sections Pro and Sections Box by Big White Duck

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Hey there @Phloque! It is on the road map for Foundry. It is something @Steve_J requested of me for Foundry a while back.


@Phloque Yes you can use most of the BWD amazing stacks in Foundry. The SectionsPro stacks are what you are referring to and work great in Foundry. There is not much you cannot do with SectionsPro.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.
I think BWD has a very useful tool in this stack and something I’ll start using until Adam comes up with a native Foundry stack - which I’m sure will have his usual stylish enhancements.
All the best

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