Can I re-arrange the fields in the form stack? F3

I noticed that with the form stack there are two required fields, email and subject. I can understand that but I was wondering if there was any way to put those fields in a different order like in the example I have attached?

Adjusting the form order

No, you cannot rearrange those fields.

If you really need very flexible form creation and capture solutions … I don’t think you’ll find anything like that in any of the platforms (Foundry, Foundation, etc.). I believe there are a couple of products within ther RW-universe that are dedicated for creating forms only and might suit you. Though … in the example you give … I’m not sure you need a more powerful solution, rather you just need to adapt to how the forms stack works.

Within RW ecosystem there is FormsPlus (as one example):

Outside the RW ecosystem there is MachForm (which I use):

But … these are form-creation options that offer lots of additional features. I’m not sure you’d get great value out of them for your simple needs. But if you have more extensive needs then they would take care of those, as well as the question you’ve posed above.


Okay, yeah my needs are pretty simple. I can probably make due with having those fields in front (subject, email) even though they do not require the length of the entire page. In this case at least it probably doesn’t justify the purchase of more advanced tools but I’ll keep them in mind for future projects.

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