Can I rotate text 90º so that it goes down the page vertically?

I am using Side Slide which means my layout is constrained to a very narrow area. I wasn’t into how this headline looked so I thought I might have it run down the side. Is there a stack that can rotate the text? Or do I just export the text as an image with the text already rotated?

I really liked the idea of Side Slide because it gives me an outlet for going on tangents!

Try the position stack


This is my first time using it and it doesn’t look like the rotate function did anything. According to documentation typing in a positive number was supposed to rotate it clockwise to the right. Can you get rotation to work with the position stack?

It works with the position stack for me. see image.


I just tried it, make sure the rotate is checked for mobile, tablet and desktop.

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It worked after I set desktop, tablet, phone at rotate but do you know why it is splitting the words on to two different lines now? I was hoping it would stay on one line so that it could stay narrow.

Is that title in a column? How do you have that area setup?

It will be easier for people to help you if you share a project file here with the group. If you’re ever uncomfortable posting your full project file, then create a new, empty project and recreate the problem there.

@stackJunkie In a column it still gives me two lines but cuts off the text.

Yes I can send you a file. Also if I am going to send you this page it has got some strange thing going on with iPad padding. Maybe I can start another thread for that. It is the only page out of 17 where the desktop padding settings keep getting brought over to iPad and I can’t figure out why. I was doing an experiment where I left some spacing around the text to display an image behind it. Again it makes more sense to bring this up in another thread but I just wanted to mention it here since it is on the same page.

Desktop view:

iPad View:

I wasn’t asking for you to send me the file. I’m asking you to post it here so more than just myself can help you. You’ve already got multiple people helping out.

Hi, have you tried using a image of the title instead of a font?
It seems faster and you can control the size on different breakpoints.

Re: the margins…are you using the margin stack or are you entering the values within the text stack?

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Yeah, I know that would work to do it that way and it looks like a lot easier approach. I have just never used the Position stack before so I didn’t know it was a lot more challenging.

I will move the other topic I brought up to a new thread.

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