Can I stack an image on top of a banner?

I was working on this page that had an illustration of a similar style to the banner directly above it. This made me wonder if the image could overlap with the banner? If not I could probably think of some other ways to work with the disk illustration but I just wanted to make sure if overlapping an image on top of a banner was an option or not.

Yes, you can overlap content on things like the Banner by using the Overlap tool.

The Carpenter templates for Foundry have several such examples: Carpenter Templates Addon for Foundry

Great, I will look forward to learning Carpenter when I get back from my vacation next week then!

You don’t need Carpenter. Overlap is a party of Foundry Potion pack. You already own it I believe. I was only showing you Carpenter as it shows examples if what you’re trying to do. Go to the Foundry documentation and look up Overlap.

When I select the help files for Overlap it sends me to the Container help page. Was that supposed to happen? Just found it through a Google search though. Yeah that will be fun to look into.

Weird, when I inspect the link in the Docs it links directly to the Overlap page:

I’ll need more details about where you were linking from to be able to figure out if something is mislinked.

I clicked on the overlap stack in Rapidweaver, clicked the gear icon, and chose “online help.” That sent me to the container help page.

I’ll take a look. That said the documentation page links to all tools. Go there when you need support— Foundry Documentation

Okay I wasn’t aware of getting to the page that way but I will keep it bookmarked. This screenshot is the link I was referring to.

I know what you were referring to. Use the Documentation on the Foundry site. :+1:

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