Can I use Anchor Links within the Sections stack?

Has anyone had any experience of placing an anchor ( or a similar URL link ) into the Sections Stack ? Specifically, I am considering using the ‘Slider’ feature to create a gallery of photographs and want to know if I can create a section with it’s own specific/unique URL ? Thanks in advance. Justin :slight_smile:

Sections does not work that way. Honestly, unless you have a very specific use case for the page, and very limited content, building an anchor-based navigation with Mega Menu is going to almost always be better than Sections. Doing so would also give you what you want.


Thanks for confirming that @elixirgraphics. I was enquiring because I like the way that sections fills the screen - much as I like the way the mega modal stack does something similar. No doubt you have saved me a lot of pain trying. Justin :slight_smile:

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