Can I work with Alloy locally before I decide to go live?

I watched the quick start video and it begins by saying Alloy needs a password which is different and additional to my website password. I don’t plan on using this new site and blog for a couple of months so I was just wondering if I could start experimenting with the Alloy stacks locally first without setting up remote details?

You’d need to run MAMP to run a PHP server locally on your Mac. This is not something I personally offer support for though. Plus it will lead to other things that are covered by the DOCs and tutorials in moving it from the MAMP install to your final server. Not a beginners task, IMHO.

Okay in that case I may just use Alloy on a website I already have up. Does the blog use the same URL as pages made with other stacks? In other words would it look like the site address: name.extension/blog name/blog entry? I ask partly since it sounds like the files are being posted in a different location?

I don’t think I understand what you’re asking unfortunately.

The answer to my question will probably become clear as I go through all of the tutorials on Alloy.

I suppose what is important is that I now know that the blog needs to be set up online in order to work, so I will start making a blog for my site that is currently live.

It should be setup where you intend for it to exist once you’re done.

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