Can the Human Test be removed from Form?

I’m using Foundry for a site inside a firewall where only local employees can access it. As such, I really don’t need a Human Test in the Foundry Form. Is there a way to disable that?

Hi there @MSchienle – No, unfortunately that isn’t a possibility in the Form stack. You can use something like Form Loom 3 though with Foundry which would provide for more customized forms if you need something like that.

Thanks, Adam. I have a FormSnap version in place. I need to review the FormLoom docs for using it with Foundry.

Form Snap is a good option too. I’d forgotten about it

New user - on the whole looking good so far but I’m not keen to have to shell out another $30 to buy a custom form stack just to avoid this annoying Noddy feature. Why can’t you make it optional - or have the option to replace the human test with a hidden field trap?

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Hey there @nicksmith!

You don’t have to shell out $30 for a form stack. The one within Foundry will work just fine. It just doesn’t have the ability to do what @MSchienle was wanting, so I suggested an alternative in case he was interested in checking it out.

As for changing the stack to include such a feature – I’m happy with the stack as it is currently. It provides a simple contact form that users don’t have to tinker with too much to get it up and working and yet provides some security through the security question field to help deter spam.

The Form stack within Foundry isn’t meant as a robust custom form creation platform, but more as a simple way to make a quick contact page.

For what it’s worth, this is the 3rd site I’m using Foundry with and I will be migrating two others in the next month. Two sites use the default form, as is. One of those sites also uses a couple FormsPlus forms, one integrated with CalcStack. The site that brought up this request used FormLoom prior to me converting it to Foundry last week. I kinda laughed that Adam suggested FormLoom, but I had already recreated it in FormSnap since I wanted to include some other items along with the form, itself.

Adam provides a form that works for a decent group of cases and is leaving other cases to other developers. Since other tools can integrate easily with Foundry, it’s a reasonable solution. It’s also why there are multiple tools for forms, since we all have different requirements.

Thanks @MSchienle. Appreciate the kind words. :thumbsup:

It isn’t that I don’t ever want to create a more powerful form stack for Foundry, it is just that the current simple form stack is designed that way for a reason, which is to allow for a quick and easy contact page form. :slight_smile:

Hi - my point was that I don’t want extra features, I just want to be able to remove one that I don’t like (ie the numerical robot check)

Hey @nicksmith – I know, I get your point. I wasn’t overlooking it. Sorry if it seemed like I was. As I mentioned earlier, that isn’t a feature of the simple Form stack that ins included with Foundry. It isn’t a feature I’m looking to implement within that stack currently. If absolutely you need a form without the “human test” included though there are a number of other solutions out there like FormSnap or FormLoom 3 that can help you create something more custom.