Can you use anchor items with Navigation Bar Pro?

One more quick question - is there a way to do a mix between traditional new page navigation and anchor navigation (on the same page) with Navigation Bar Pro?

I know that Mega Menu has that option, but Mega Menu does not allow me to control the padding of its navigation items (unless didn’t I find it).

While Navigation Bar Pro isn’t designed to have animated scrolling anchors, this does not mean you cannot use your own anchors when creating your navigation item.

You’d add an anchor to the page, using the Anchor stack, and then just add the anchor as your navigation item’s link.If your anchor name is anchor then your link for the navigation item would be #anchor.

I’m going to split this into a new thread since it is a different, unrelated topic to the original thread.

Excellent. Thank you, @elixirgraphics

I just tried it - so what it does it jumps down to the anchor. It doesn’t scroll down, like in a one-page. As you said, Navigation Bar Pro wasn’t designed with that in mind.

So my only other option is to use Mega Menu and live with the fact that I cannot manipulate the spacing between the menu items. Am I correct?

If you want a javascript enabled scroll effect, as Mega Menu provides, instead of the normal anchor link functionality, then yes, you’ll want to use Mega Menu.