Cannot go back to Blog summaries (Alloy)

I have setup Alloy. Everything is working fine, but when I have rwad the full blogpost, the link ‘return to summaries’ gives the following message:


You don’t have permission to access this resource.

I have setup the Blog inside a folder. (…/Blogmap/Blog/blog.php)
The link doesnot go to blog.php as expected, but to …/Blogmap/Blog/ - it doesnot seem to see the blog.php.

Your page’s file name should be index.php not blog.php

Also, don’t forget to do a quick search of the forum. It’ll often save you having to wait on me or someone else to reply. This is a topic that’s been covered a few times before. One example:

I tried to find a post on this matter, but I guess I chose the wrong words.

Anyway, thanks!!

No problem. :+1:

For that search I simply used Go Back for the search term since it was in your thread title.

I am not that smart, and a Dutch-man : )