Can't add images to posts in Editor?

This is a new one on me, not seen it before.

I’ve setup a new site for a client with Alloy, all working fine, except Editor is refusing to add blog post images. I click “Choose A File” and select the image, but it’s not uploading.

I tested with some pre-made blog posts, made in markdown, and manually added the images to the specified folder, and they work fine, but editor is isn’t uploading the images.

It feels like a permission issue? What should the permissions on the images folder be?

To check the obvious…

  1. The URL in the RW project is correct.
  2. The Alloy stack references the correct image folder.
  3. There are loads of other instances of Alloy running on other sites on this server (my main VPS), so I don’t feel it’s a server issue.
  4. PHP7.3 is in use.

Before I start to zip up test projects to send to Adam, is there anything else I should check first?

I’ve had other reports of something similar this with the Topper Image, but no one has sent me a project file yet to look at it. I ask for information and people go silent, so I’ve had nothing whatsoever to go on.

This is one example:

Your particular report seems a little different to me if it is confirmed to be working on other instances of Alloy on the same server.

Weird. I’ve just looked at two almost indentical installs of Alloy, settings exactly the same, sitting on hte same server and so on. One works, one don’t.

I have to head about now but later this evening I’ll strip the bad one back to just Alloy, zip it up and fire it over to you.

Unless I find a solution in the meantime!

Sounds like a plan to me.

Just got your DM with the blog login, so I gave it a try. Logged in and uploaded an image A-OK. Check your DMs for the screenshots.

Just to close this off, for anyone else finding it. The issue was me!

I had some custom JS in the project, and did remove it from the project during trouble shooting, but it was still on the server, so had to rmeove it from there too. Once it was gone, everything is working.

Worth mentioning, even with the error being caused by the custom JS Safari worked fine, but Chrome didn’t.