Can't find Equalize stack in Foundry 2

Hi everybody, I’ve a little problem with Foundry 2. I can’t find equalize stack in my list. I reinstalled Foundry 2 but without any result.
Could someone help me?

Hi Bob - welcome!

Have you Quit RW (completely)? Hopefully, it’ll show up when you reopen RW. From experience, this is good practice whenever adding new stacks, themes, templates, etc.

If you’ve done this, are you looking in the main Stacks list? If you’ve created a Group, new stacks don’t automatically get added, AFAIK.


Adam (not that one!)

Hi Adam,
thank you for your answer.
I quitted and reopened. I checked everywhere. And this is what I see: Screenshot 2020-07-14 15.27.57
The stack “Equilize” is not in the library. :frowning:

Apologies if you’re an experienced Mac user, but have you QUIT RW? (No dot in the Dock). Closing it doesn’t actually close it down.

Failing that, I’m sure Adam (the real one) will be along shortly…

Hi @BobR – A few questions for you below:

(1) What version of Foundry do you have installed? If it is not v2.2.0 or newer you’ll need to use the Stacks updater to update to the latest version.

(2) Are you searching in the main Stacks Library?

Some users build custom folders like @jacksona mentioned above. Those custom folders are, as he pointed out, static and do not update with new content. These custom folders are manually curated by you the user.

(3) Can you send us a screenshot of the entire RW window when you search for Equalize? Something like this:

Thanks Adam.
I did it uploading to the latest version. :slight_smile:

That’ll do it! Glad you got it sorted out. :+1:

Thanks Adam, I did it updating Foundry. :slight_smile: