Capsule Stack and Foundry

I find the CAPSULE stack to be very useful and am curious to know if we would ever see it integrated as part of either Foundry or a Potion Pack. It would be nice to have it as part of the frameworkl.

I’m assuming Capsule will continue to work with Foundry, but I always worry about stacks like this being abandoned somewhere down the road. Maybe less likely to if they are part of Foundry!

Plus it seems if it was part of Foundry it might also get some updates as there are a few minor improvements I would really like to see.

I use Capsule as well as the Timeline stack with Foundry frequently. No problems so there is no issue with compatibility. Capsule is a much nicer way to go than the standard Foundry Accordion (although I use that as well)

I agree there are a few enhancements that would be nice (e.g. having a seperate label for opened and closed).


I love Capsule stack and works like a dream with Foundry!

Hey there @handshaper

Capsule will work well in Foundry as-is, as @wirrah and @TapioMichael point out. Capsule will likely not become a part of Foundry though. Capsule wouldn’t get more updates in Foundry. There’s not been a lot of need for updates to Capsule and how it works since its release. If you have specific requests you can email me your ideas. It isn’t to say they’ll 100% be added to the stack, but if you let me know what they are I can see if they would be a valuable addition to the larger user base of the stack.