Card Deck Question


Have a page where I am using the Card Deck stack.
It works as expected except when the page is shrunk manually there is some squishing of things in the individual cards between 750 and 900 pixels on the RapidWeaver preview.
Not shrunk manually everything works fine.

Page is at

Tying to replicate
Any suggestions how to make the purchasing section of the page in Foundry would be appreciated.


Your page has an awful lot of Cards in that Card Deck. This is why things aren’t working out just right. It is just a case of too much content to fit comfortably in that space properly. I’d suggest working out a different way to present the content in this case. That is one of the adventures of web design, especially in this ‘responsive age’ of web design – you have to try lots of different approaches to get things laid out where they work across multiple platforms.

Have changed from the Card Deck to using the Table Stack.

The link above is working better with the change.

Have to say that Table Stack is fabulous.