Card stack equal heights

Can anyone help, I am using Foundry 3 card stack, my problem is that each card has a different amount of text in it, so when displayed they are different heights. Is there a way to make them uniform in height? Any help gratefully received.

Use the equalize stack for this. Equalize

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And make sure you equalize the content within the cards, rather than the cards themselves.


Like jacksona pointed out: It will look like this:


Hi Fuellemann,

Thanks for getting back, tried this and they were no longer in columns, will this work within columns/grids. Basically I want two columns each with a set depth header and the paragraph boxes to be a set depth also with the varying lengths text within. Hope that makes sense.

Thank you all for helping😀

Hi, yes, this works within columns. Add one Card stack in one column and set the equalize stack as shown.

Thank you, I will give this a go.

Thank you sooooo much. Been trying to sort all day🤣

All the best

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