Carusel display of logos/graphics?

So I figured out how to use the slider stack to display client logos.

What I’d prefer would be to have some sort of carousel or “cloud” where a visitor could scroll through. The idea being that at the first glance it’s already clear that there are many clients, not just one as shown in the slider view. Something like the Apple “Cover Flow” view in Finder, where you can scroll through thumbnails of documents, images, etc. It also has a subtle zoom/highlight effect on whatever is in focus, which is nice and makes it feel “3d”.

I tried the “adaptive grid” stack, but didn’t like the results, it seems too messy with everything laid out across the page.


There are a few carousel stacks:

The ones from 1LD, Joe Workman and Cos culture seem to come closest.

Stacks4stacks has one too:

You could add a 4 column container into each slider slide and add a logo to each. That way you would see 4 at a time. You can get a nice effect by just setting it to autoplay and it will automatically scroll through each of your slides (each of which could have 4 logos).

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Awesome, thanks for the suggestions. After my initial searching, the Carusel Complete stack was the closest I could find, and still didn’t really do what I was looking for.

Now I’ve found the Moving Box stack and StackSlider, which both look like they’ll do what I want, as well as being very handy general tools with a very wide range of options.

Mallow76, I considered that, but don’t have that many customers, and felt that it ended up looking a bit too busy with all those things going on at once. Great idea though, thanks for the suggestion.