Category and tag colour styling

I can’t find where I can change the colours of the tags in the Date & Category Line. In the blog-entries-stack I have found only these options (screenshot1), but the illegible output looks like this (screenshot2). Or are the colours determined somewhere else, e.g. in the Control Centre? Or maybe this problem comes from copying the Alloy stacks from my old Foundry2 website to the new Foundry3 website?
Thanks for any help.
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If needed, here is a link to my blog and one of the posts (under construction):

Alloy uses the Secondary color preset for the tag background. You’ll want to pick a color for text that compliments this. In Foundry 2 Secondary was sort of a default unstyled element and that background color picker was used. In Foundry 3 the Secondary preset is used in your color selection settings such as this.

I have this secondary colour set in my standard colour palette, so if I change it here it will affect many other elements on the website. Can I not only change the colour for the font and the background of the tags individually somewhere for Alloy and Blog Entries? Also in the editor I have this problem that the secondary colour of the buttons in the utility menu is not the one I want to have there, but I don’t necessarily want to change my colour palette but only these specific colours. Is that possible somehow?

I’m not 100% clear on everything you’re asking. So I’ll say this – if you don’t see a setting for something then it doesn’t exist. Most elements within Alloy, such as the tags, previous / next buttons, etc use the Secondary color for their styling.

Ok, good to know, that the Secondary color is mostly used. I understand, thank you. I will then revise my colour concept accordingly and adjust the colour palette.

If you set a test color, say lime green or something, you can then see where it is applied and you’ll have a good idea visually. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your support :+1: