Cell phone link

Hi can I create a cell phone link on foundry ?

Just a normal link with tel: and then the number, no spaces. Eg. tel:+155555555

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Thanks for the help. A

I assume that the link will then only work when the site is opened on a cell phone?

Any browser that supports data detectors should be able to display it as a link. And open it if some sort of telephony app is installed on the decvice. Such as a mobile phone.

Hi yes thanks for that however still have a problem getting the link to work, I am also not sure about where to link it to when i create the link i have 3 options URL,page or resource tried URL but obviously doesn’t work . Sorry i am not exactly a geek with this !

If you are including the “+”, as suggested by @Fuellemann, then try it without it. I think that’s causing the problem.

You want the link window set to URL and enter the following: tel:1-800-555-5555

If that doesn’t work, then a link to the page can help us see what’s going on.

Hi fixed it I had the link on a header page and moved it to paragraph page and it works 100%Thanks all for the help. A

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