Center align multiple buttons on one line

Hello Foundriers, :slight_smile:
I try to center align multiple buttons on a desktop browser, but they stick on the left… :frowning:
I put them in a container and set the layout to “Float” to get them on the same line.
I can’t use “Button Group” as it is not clean when it needs to go on two lines (mobile).
Example : The years in the footer :
It is working fine on mobile, the problem is on wide browsers… Any idea please ?
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hi @ThunderFred,

I assume you mean these on your site:

If so

  1. create a container specifically to hold the buttons
  2. place a Grid (foundry version!) inside it
  3. set the grid to display 7 columns on the devices you wish to have seven columns
  4. drop each button into a grid item and set the buttons to center and be block buttons
  5. play around with the width of the container from Step 1 to suit your needs in buttons spacing and overall width of the button bar.



Hello Erwin,
thank you for your time answering me. I appreciate. :slight_smile:
Actually, I started with Grid… but as I already mentioned it in an other post, the spacing is too large and impossible to adjust. :frowning:
I attached both results on the picture below…
Any other idea please ?
Thank you. Fred.