Centering the Media Group Block


What may be the simplest way to center a Media Group block on the page (i.e. have it be of equal distance from the page edges on both the image and the content side)?


Not sure if I’m following your question fully. You just wish to center it horizontally on the page? If so, try adding a Container stack to the page and dropping the Media Group into it. If that isn’t what you are talking about, please drop me some more details, and a project file if you would, and I’ll be glad to try and answer your question.

Like this:


Yeah, you could use a Container stack or even a Margins stack, depending on your exact layout, you may even combine elements to do more. If you’re building the page and having problems, send over what you have any I’d be glad to look at it.

Thank you.

Here, I just added two instances to ‘Embers’ (in case my wording is still lacking).

In other words, I would like to center the Media Group block when the width of the content side is shorter than what’s left in the balance by the image . . . .

Maybe this is easier done with a two-column configuration (right aligning the left column and the opposite for the other?

Thx again.

In your example you sent the Media Group is centered. The Media Group’s width does not adjust down to the width of the width content and image, it is a set width off 100% wide. In this case that 100% width is filling out the Container or Banner as seen in your examples.

I believe a Columns stack is closer to the solution of what you are trying to do, if I’m understanding right. It would take manually setting the column widths with the Customize Columns feature of the Columns stack. But I am still not sure this is exactly what you’re wanting to do.