Centre content in column?

Hiya, new to Foundry, but different to my usual working so just getting used to some of the different ways of doing things.

This may seem like a really basic question, but can’t seem to find the settings. If I make a column for instance 11 units mobile, 10 units tablet and 8 units desktop how do I set align contents Centre (or Center for US English)?

At the moment everything in the column defaults to left alignment.

It’s laughable really I’ve been playing around some complex settings really fine, but the most basic I can’t find :grinning:



Hi, do you have the foundry theme selected ?
I had a similar issue and that was the cause.

Hiya StackJunkie, I have got the theme installed and assigned. The problem is that I can’t seem to find the setting to centre the column contents, if you see in the screenshot, at this breakpoint the column width is 11 units, but the contents are left aligned in the column, I’m wanting all contents in the column to be centre.

Seems you’re trying to use column width to contain or adjust the width of the content on the page. This is meant to be done using the Container tool. Give the “Build a One-Page Site” video on the tutorials page a watch and you’ll see how I make use of the Container tool.

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Aha! Got it, Container-Margins (Mobile/Tablet/Desktop)-Columns.

Thanks Adam - Ben

Sure thing. The modularity of it all is one of the things that makes Foundry so versatile.

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