Change column order in mobile view?


First I want to say that Foundry is my entrance point to RW. I think Foundry is going to improve pretty fast, and I want to help in that :D.

I’m using 5 two columns stacks. In desktop and tablet view, there are well ordered. The thing is that I have first column with a paragraph, and second column with an image. The second two column stack is below and I have the order changed, so I end up with a 2 x 5 checked tiles:

Text Image
Image Text
and so on

When I switch to mobile view, I can change column width to 12 units, but because the alternance between text and image column, I get this:


I we could also change order in mobile view I could rearrange columns and this problem would be solved. Sorry if my explanation is a bit confusing :smiley:

Thank you!

Hi @NintendoPlayer, take a look at the columns video here, that should answer your question perfectly.


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Hey there @NintendoPlayer!

The video that @Beemerang mentioned should get you going. In addition to the basics, it also talks about things like Ordering and Offsets. Ordering is what you’re wanting to do. If you still have questions on how to order your Columns, be sure to post again letting us know and someone will be glad to answer your questions and help you out.

Hi! Thank you for the help. In fact, I did watch the videos, but I did not remember to design my website with mobile view in mind.

So I just designed my website with mobile view first, and the moving columns in tablet and desktop view. So I got it working.


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Awesome! I’ve been there, and done that. Glad you got it working just right. :slight_smile: