Change default video when adding video to Droplet?

Is it possible to change the default video that gets linked to when adding a video to a Droplet?

By default, it’s one of @elixirgraphics Alloy videos, which works fine when it’s your own site, but not ideal when it’s a clients site and Alloy is being used in “white label” mode.


Oh, also, for a cleaner client interface, any chance of having the option to hide the Stack And Delete option in the main Embed editor view? Otherwise, I can see clients deleting Embeds and asking me what the “stacks thing” is!

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No, sorry, that isn’t a possibility. I can look at it in the future, but it isn’t a priority item.

Sorry, that isn’t an option and probably won’t be something that changes, at least I don’t think so any time soon. Partially because of the way it would need to re-work the table that contains the list view. It would add a good deal of unnecessary overhead, I believe. Perhaps as I looked at it I’d discover a way that wouldn’t be too big of an addition. But the main reason is it creates an odd workflow, IMO.

You’d have to do an initial publish, then build your Embeds, then drag those into Stacks once you’re done and republish. Then when you’re done you would have to disable the delete and drag-and-drop stack controls and republish again. But what happens when you need to do work on the site again? You have to now go back and enable those features and republish to get those controls back. Then you can go about creating Embeds, and adding them to your project and eventually republishing to get them to the site. Then when you’re all done with your site updates, changes, etc, you have to disable those controls and republish again to remove them from the Editor.

This all adds extra steps into a process that currently already has quite a few steps anyway. While some users might be ok with this, I feel like it’s adding unnecessary complexity to the process for a small return. Also I envision users forgetting the delete and Stacks controls have been turned off and believing the Embeds are broken, which leads to undue support.

So I’ll note this as a request, but I think something would need to change in the process for me to consider it. And maybe in the future Alloy will work a little differently and this will be possible with even fewer steps. Who knows.

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Afternoon. I figured both these requests was pushing at the margins a bit for what is a limited user base (those of us building sites for clients). But hey, if you don’t ask, you don’t get :slight_smile:

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Definitely. I’m not against these changes, especially the video URL. The Embed controls is a little bit more complex as it lengthens the workflow / complicates it a bit more than it is already. I made a note of the request with my own thoughts in my developer notes. This request gave me an idea for a future feature, or path, that could lead to making this a little easier. But it is a much bigger change than just these two controls.