Change font size of linked list

Title says it all. Is there a way to change the font size of the linked list stack? Using it for the footer, where the rest of the text ist 2 pixels smaller than anywhere else. Just the linked list pops out :wink:

Linked List uses the base font setting for its font sizing. Currently it does not have an override. That said, Foundry’s next update already has this feature built-in and waiting for you.

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Yay :slight_smile: Three cheers for Adam! Do you have an idea when we can expect the update?

In all seriousness— When it is done.

I had to rework much of a stack from the ground up. In addition to that, and testing it, I also have to create videos, finish new Foundry site and touch ups to the documentation.

About fair. Thanks for taking the time to respond :wink:

@pumpkin, are you using Stacks v4 (or v3.6)?

Stacks 4. Would that make a difference when it comes to the Linked List text size?

No, it doesn’t directly make a difference, but it makes it easier for me to provide you some custom CSS to change the font size. If you want to adjust your font before Adam finishes up the update, you can make the following changes.

In the Linked List settings, add link-font-size to the “CSS classes” field.

In the Code → CSS area (so it applies to all pages), add the following CSS. Adjust the font size to whatever you’re using in the rest of your footer.

/* Adjust font size */
.link-font-size a {
	font-size: 12px;	

Awesome. That worked. Thanks so much!