Changing langage IN RW8 or foundry not occur


I noticed I’m unable to modify language using Foundry Theme and RapidWeaver 8.
I modify Site langage via General or Page inspector or Foundry control center, and looking Source code , I always have <html lang=« en">

If I choose another theme in RW8 changes occur.

Hi there @beretrouge

This is because Foundry has its own language setting in the main Foundry Control Center stack. Until version 8 RapidWeaver did not have this feature, so Foundry implemented its own. That said, since Foundry’s language feature is implemented via javascript as the page is loading, Foundry’s language setting wins out, overriding the RW v8 language setting. Go ahead and set your language in the Foundry Control Center stack and you’ll be good to go.

Thanks for your quick answer !