Changing the default language of a site, which is running for years

Hi guys,

I’m running a clients site, which has German as the default language. It’s done with RWML by Will Woodgate.
The client wants to change that to English. The point is that we cannot simply delete German, because Google has it’s search results, which are mostly German…

Is there anyone who knows how to get this default done? Or is it just as easy as putting en first in RWML

@HerrSchulz I don’t know the answer to your question (my guess is there’s no problem and the answer is simply to put en first in RWML). But regarding this specific issue I think you’ll get a knowledgeable answer quicker if you posted at the RealMac site. There are several people who use RWML, but many of those uses don’t also use Foundry/Elixir and so might not see your post here.

You’re right. I’ll gonna post it at the other forum as well

Hi Thomas,

Most of my sites are multi language using RWML. I set the default language in the General set up.

Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 09.17.38

I think this is the dominant setting. Other than that I use Joe Workman’s SEO stack where I give info about the additional languages. I don’t know in what degree this is useful for Google, Bing and other search engines, but it can’t hurt to give this extra info.


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Good Morning :coffee:
I’ll do that in the General Settings. It’s in set to German. Additionally I’ll switch the language in RWML.
First en, than de. Time will heal the problem :smiley:

Have a good one and take care

Hi Thomas,

My guess is that the site shows up in the dominant setting first. Google crawls the complete content of sites, so it indexes the additional languages as well. So changing from Deutsch to English should not affect your search results. But I’m not a Google expert… Don’t shoot me if I’m wrong. :slightly_smiling_face:


I will ask our Google Specialist about that. Don’t worry - no weapons :cowboy_hat_face:

Hi Thomas,

there’s a running topic in the RW community for the moment that might interest you. It’s dealing with your question as well (Translater Stack)

You might find some answers there.