Changing topper position from head to left


Could someone please advise how to change the position of the topper image from the head to left hand side of the blog text in Alloy?

Much appreciated!

Good morning @johnd and welcome to the community.

I’m unclear from your question where within Alloy you’re trying to do this:

Are you trying to place the topper to the left of the blog entry in the Summary or Full Entry view?

If the former you can choose different layouts in Alloy v3 in the Blog Entries stack settings. This is outlined in the Blog Entries documentation. You cannot place every topper to the left of the summary though. You will need to choose from one of the preset layouts:

If you’re trying to place the topper to the left of the blog post in the Full Entry view, that is not a possibility.

In the future when you make a post, be sure to place it into the appropriate category so others can find related posts when looking for them in the future. This post should have been posted in the Alloy category for example. I’ve updated it an categorized it there.

Hello Adam,

Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

Apologies for the vague question; I was hoping to have the the topper viewed to the left of the summary text when the blog was published.

Thanks for explaining that this can’t be done.

Best regards,


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