Changing z-Level after updating Foundry/PotionPack?

Hi Adam,

I am looking for the solution of a phenomenon which presents itself as following.

In 2019 I have finished a website with Foundry 1. Also PotionPack was probably still vs. 1.
Now it was time to update the content of the page and upload the current stack versions at the same time.
I also changed the page to the new picture remote function in Backdrop and saved some MB in RW.
Now, after uploading the files, the the behavior of some elements has changed. Some levels seem to be shifted. I have already adjusted the z-levels - but without positive result.

Pls see here as examples in vs. 2019

And 2020:

This is how it looks in RW…

The easiest solution now would be to ban RevealPro from the project, but I like the effect of fading while scrolling.
Do you have any idea how this shift in levels can happen?

I want to thank you in advance for your attentiveness.


Last Versions of:
RW Version 8.6.2 (20836)
Backdrop/Overlap > PotionPack 2.0.4
RevealPro > ThunderPack 1.0.7

Target > JW > 2.0.6
GoGrid > DeFliGra > 3.1.3

Good morning @RogerB – While the screenshots help us to see what you’re seeing, they’re not adequate for troubleshooting purposes. If you’ll provide us a copy of your project file via a download link of some kind we can take a closer look at it.

Hi Adam,
thanks for your quick response.
Is it ok, when I send you a link to your …@me… adress…?


Sure. I’ll try to have a look at it today.

Looks like you emailed over your exported site. I’m in need of your project file though – the file you opening RapidWeaver when editing your site. Sorry if that wasn’t clear in my previous request.