Cinema not on iPhone

Hi, I’ve a Cinema Stack on this site It can be seen on all platforms except on an iPhone. Any ideas why?

I’m going to guess you’re on iOS 13, correct?

If so I suspect that Apple has disabled auto playing backgrounds. I think I have an idea on how to trick it though using a video tag attribute. I’ll try and get it in the next update for Thunder Pack.


Exactly! I’ve asked the user, because I don’t have an iPhone (only iPad there it runs).
Thanks for the reply.

Another point - I see that the resolution on Apple devices is worse than on Windows/Android? I deleted the files, tried various setups but no improvement. Any hints on that?

You have to take that up with Apple. The stack just serves up the file, the device is what handles its playback.

It seems that I did something wrong with the conversion. Because my private page shows the Video on all devices at a good quality, The ohter one is not ggod

Hi, Adam, is this issue fixed already? Coz I found the cinema video still not playing on my iPhone. Thank you :pray:

Happy Sunday morning @iethanchen

The workaround for this change in mobile Safari has not been released yet. The implementation will be in the next Thunder Pack release though.


Hi~Adam,I’ve receive the thunder pack updates few days ago which indicated the Cinema improvement. I still can not make the mp4 playing on the iPhone though. Is there anything I missed or something doing wrong? Thank you~

Can you send me a ZIP file containing your project file and your video files and thumbnail image? I’d like to look at it and see if I can figure out what the problem might be. That said, the update I sent out was just a workaround for something within one of Apple’s updates and the way they’re handling the video on mobile devices. I can’t promise that their problem is solvable by me.

Send your ZIP file to adam at elixirgraphics dot com. You’ll definitely need to send it via Dropbox, WeTransfer or another similar service since you’re sending both a project file and video files, which are large.

It is a holiday weekend here, and I took tomorrow off to get some things done, but I will look at it as soon as I can.

I’ve sent the files via email. Check it out plz.Thank you~

I’ve received your project file, and looked through the pages, but I’m not finding where the Cinema stack is being used in your project file. Can you point me to the page and section I should be looking?

That said, you’re using a lot of 3rd-party stacks I do not have access to in that project file. Maybe it would be better if you could provide me a one-page sample using just Foundry stacks and your video that shows the problem for me?

I received your screenshot, but there was no single-page project file that does not include non-Foundry stacks. If you could shoot me an email with that as well it would be appreciated.

The problem with the autoplaying background is that Apple disables auto play on their mobile devices. Many mobile devices do this. It saves visitors from using up all of their data minutes on their wireless device streaming this background video.

For a while adding the muted tag to the <video></video> element would trick the browser or device into allowing the video to play. That seems to not be the case with some of the latest iOS versions though.

Some similar discussion is being had on the Realmac Forum right now as well for a stack from a different developer.

I suspect that Apple has changed something in the OS itself to disallow these autoplaying videos. If that is the case then there may be nothing we can do about it, unfortunately.

Addendum: I think I have an idea at another sort of hack to get things moving on mobile again. Let me give a few things a try.

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Just pushed out Thunder v1.0.6 with a tweak to Cinema. After installing the update be sure to quit and restart RW before doing a Republish All Files from RapidWeaver.


Thanks Adam, we are very lucky to have a developer who goes that one step more.


It works now!!! Thank you Adam👍