Cinema stack and sizing of files

Have a website half built (Haven’t got to the stage of checking it on numerous devices), but unsure how/what to do with the video files?. :thinking: I can‘t load them to the likes of youtube as they are commercially bought files, so I’ve added them to the resources and then uploaded them to the hosting. 92mb & 253mb as they were supplied to me, not ideal I know. Whats the best way of making ‘lite’ versions of these whilst still holding the quality and at what screen width should I be looking at for the desktop sizes please? Sample web and large files are here

Use the miro video converter to have the mp4 and webm and set the resolution to 1280x720 pixels.

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Thank you! :+1: All new this to me working with video

Hi, It looks like you got the Cinema stack working on your page now. I am trying to make the stack work but it does not so far. Video is 720, mp4 and webmhd, and 30 seconds. I am not sure if Cinema Stack has problems with a clip that is 30 seconds. I could probably make it 10-15 seconds if I had to. When I watched the Cinema Stack instruction video it didn’t seem like it made a big deal about it having to be super short to make it work.