Click outside to close dropdown and feature requests

Hi, I see closing the navigation by clicking outside of the nav is on desktop, but not for mobile. It was added on both in F2. Can this be added in F3?

The visibility tool being that we have to use to hide stacks while creating and brainstorming idea layouts, can that be added to the toolbox? I think it’s an essential stack because of this reason IMHO.

In F2 I used Media Group and Vert. Tabs to create some layouts. I was able to recreate the media style stack (it was a major pain), but not the vert. tabs. Are there plans to have something similar added?

In the divider tool in F2 we had much more control and flexibility. I like the divider with the new badge in F3, but it’s limited. Can the old version features be incorporated with the new F3 version?

I am trying to avoid using 3rd party stacks in general, but particularly for things like truncating text, can this be added to the paragraph tool?

Thanks for all you do.

No, because there is no click event for touch screen devices.

You should be able to achieve a similar layout using Float or Columns.

If there’s a feature request you have there are instructions found here on how you can submit them. When you submit a request on the github tracker using the provided instructions be sure you give a detailed description and include examples, screenshot, etc to show your request. More detail the better.

Not all requests can or will be fulfilled. But you don’t know unless you submit the request. :wink:

I was able to recreate the layout as I’ve stated, but not vert. tabs, are you saying I can recreate the vert. tabs stack in Float or Columns?

No. I was referring to the other item. Vertical tabs would take needing a very specific tool to be made for Foundry to achieve that design.

I understand, thanks.