Column stacking in Landscape vs Portrait, mobile

I’m starting to build in Foundry, and have been reading about break point decisions ruling the framework. I understand Foundry does not implement Bootstrap Extra Small in the column stack.

Is there a Foundry method for getting two columns to show in landscape orientation, and stacked single in portrait? I’m looking for best practice here.

I know I can use the columns from other stacks developers. I’m just not sure if that is the best method :slight_smile:

Thanks so much,

There is not a way to specify landscape vs portrait mode. The breakpoints are width based.

Hi Adam,
I understand the browser pixel width is the break point, extra small vs small… I’m wondering if there Foundry way to design for this?

I have read many of your comments regarding breakpoints and why you have structured Foundry this way… so sorry if this is really the same question repackaged :slight_smile:


The breakpoints are what they are. I’m not sure what to add in this instance. You can set the number of columns for the mobile (less than 48em), tablet (48 - 62 em) and desktop (62em and larger) breakpoints. There’s nothing in between those settings.

Thanks, I’ll make do. And hopefully adapt too.