Columns always vertical

I used RapidWeaver for Some years. Today I updated for a new project and ordered Foundry to have a good responsive layout. I tried to make in the container some columns (3) in the same row. But they are always vertical, even in the desktop view. In the documentation it looks very easy and no word about the difference between horizontal and vertical design of the rows. Can someone help a frustrated user? Regards, Michael

Check you have you settings for the column settings at the various breakpoints.

Hi there @galodesign

It’ll help us out a lot to be able to see what you’re seeing. Screenshots of your view, especially one that shows the layout and the settings you’re using will help. If you’re up for it you can use WeTransfer to post a link here in the forum to a ZIP file containing your project file. That would be the most help to us in troubleshooting your problem.

Addendum – If you’ve not looked at the Columns documentation page as of yet you might also give that a try. There’s a tutorial video there that shows you how to use the stack.

You might also watch the “Building A Simple Site” tutorial on the Foundry Tutorials page as it shows some of the basics of use the Foundry stacks.

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Hi elixirgraphics, thanks for your quick help. Now I found the reason, I was not successful: my desktop window was too small (!) so that I had the layout from an iPhone. I made it wider and it is o.k. now. And next I will watch the whole “Building A Simple Site” tutorial :grinning:
Regals, Michael

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