Columns Not Displaying Properly in Mint

I’m trying to update my site and am using Mint. I’m really just playing around with how I want to do things but have seen a weird problem. I have a Stacks page for my Home page and have placed Extra Content Areas 2 and 3 to take advantage of the angled swath of color in Mint. I’ve placed a 2 columns boxin #2 and 3 in #3. When I go to preview it shows accurately one time. Then if I go back, instead of columns, it shows the text as horizontal sections. I’m just using placeholder text for now. The footer (ExtraContent 5) also does this. I have 3 columns of links embedded in a 2 column section. There’s a logo on the left. The settings on the columns look fine to me but in Preview, the text will mess up like the others (shows correctly but if I go to another page and back, it will be wrong).

I’m pretty proficient in RW and it is racking my brain as to why this is happening. I had made my site with Ruby and am trying to refresh it to Mint. Previously I was trying Lunar but changed my mind. I was having the same problem in Lunar with the footer and even started a brand new file to troubleshoot-sadly it didn’t work.

RW version is 8.9.3., MacOS Monterey 12.0.1.

Thank you for any suggestions.


Hi @BriSprad and welcome to the community!

At a bare minimum we’re going to need you to provide a live URL for us to look at, as troubleshooting a problem solely from your description isn’t really possible. Looking at the code is a necessity. It would be helpful to also have your project file in-hand for troubleshooting as well.

Create a ZIP file containing your project file. This is the file you open in RapidWeaver to edit your site. After creating the ZIP file, upload it using a service like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Droplr, or a similar service to create download link for us. Paste that download link in your reply along with your live URL.

Also, do you see this problem on the published page or just in preview mode?

Out of curiosity, which Columns stack are you using?

Thanks for the reply. I’m sorry I didn’t pay attention and included more to help.

I had not uploaded anything to my site yet to test and ran into some problems. I’m working with my host as to why the new site isn’t showing up.

I ended up not being able to work on site much yesterday. I had other duties at work that came up! Bummer day. I work for a big company who has people to do our website. But over the years, I’ve enjoyed tinkering with it!

Here’s the Dropbox link: VCA Kennel Club

As far as the columns stack, I don’t even remember where I got it. I looked it is version 4. The file name has 1.2.2 or 1.2.3. Does that help? Sorry I’m not so helpful on that!

As I messed with the site today, I never saw the column issue. But I don’t think I did anything that would have fixed it. I’ll post the site URL once I get the problem fixed with my host.

Thank you for any help. I really appreciate it.


It looks like you’re using the columns stacks that come as a part of the Stacks plugin. These are limited in what they can do, but should work well enough for simple columnized layouts.

You currently have them set to stack vertically at the mobile breakpoint. Since these breakpoints are width-based it could be that your preview area was small enough to trigger the stacking.

The theme has no control over these stacks however. They are completely separate from the theme itself. If you’re noticing odd behavior with them I would assume it is from the stacks themselves. If your odd behavior with the columns continues you might look to reach out to YourHead about it. I suspect it might be because the stacking setting triggering however.

Thank you Adam. I’ve been working on my site today. I’ve seen the odd behavior once or twice but not the frequency I did before. It doesn’t really happen if I resize the window, though. So weird. My older site using Ruby acts fine if I open my old file.

Thanks for your help. I appreciate. Have used a lot of your work over years!

Now if I could only find some creativity to make my site better!

Could you make a screen recording of this perhaps for us?