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##Comerciantes Unidos

New Foundry project for a community organization. English version should be available later this year. I’m beginning to lose track of the number of Foundry sites I’ve done. I think its getting to the point now that half of the sites I’ve done are now in Foundry. By year’s end, the goal is to have all our sites in Foundry. We’re in the process of taking sites by style & current theme and moving 3 or 4 at a time.


Would like to know if the banner image can be replaced with a custom one?


Yes the banner image can be changed to a custom one, and very easily in Foundry.

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@Neil Thanks Neil :+1:, what’s the name of the theme and where can I find it ?

@TINO: I don’t think @dropgates was posting a project file for download. His post was about a project he worked on for a client using Foundry.

@TINO, yes, I was merely showing a site that was built using Foundry. If you have not already purchased Foundry, I suggest that you do. We use Foundry almost exclusively to build websites and recreating the Comerciantes Unidos website shouldn’t be too much trouble. I believe the only other stack we used besides Foundry stacks was Moving Box 2 for the “Support Our Sponsors” area. If you are in need of some help, we would be glad to help or to build the site on your behalf. We do obviously charge for our work, but we “white label” websites for other marketing companies all the time.

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@dropgates Thanks so much for the reply Erick.

Had just a look at your website, looks very interesting all what you do and good to know if in the future I will be in need of help related design of my websites I will come back to you on Red Truck Designs studio related quotations…

Wonder if your website design is also make with RW Foundry or another platform, which theme and stacks have you used beside the Foundry stacks incase of using Foundry. Just curiosity, your looks really great specially the animation of your web design examples and the menu implementation :slight_smile:. you could get me some more info on it (platform, theme, stacks used, etc). Look forwards on your reply, thanks so much in advance :+1:

@elixirgraphics yes indeed Adam I know.

Ah, sorry, that was not clear from your post unfortunately.

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@TINO yes, our website was made with RW and Foundry. Thank you for the kind words.

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@TINO Elixir has some pre-built projects in Foundry

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@dropgates Thanks a lot Eric, will have a good look to it :slight_smile:

@dropgates Eric I had just a quick look at the Foundry project files, wonder if MEAD Home | Mead is the one you have used on your website Red Truck Designs ?
Thanks so much again :+1:

I know lots of questions already but really impressed with your design used on Red Truck Designs 10/10.

It was a progression of sites. I started with Spark from Elixir Spark template for RapidWeaver. It’s a free template, that just helped me to learn about the Foundry platform. I then purchased every theme/stack from Adam to support the community. Started with Central Valley Plaster Liked that design so much, I used it for a redesign on Sip Shuttle Fell in love with the design of that site and built our own site based from Sip Shuttle.

It’s ok about the questions, I had plenty of questions when I started and the RW Community helped me tremendously. They gave me the support I needed to actually start my business with no prior web design experience except for a couple of iWeb websites I built and a pretty simple iPhone App.


@dropgates Cheers Eric. I’m quite new on RW, I have a lot of experience on iWeb, Dreamweaver etc Adobe Apps but try to focus on RW now and some other alternative platforms later on.
Again congratulations with your great webdesign business, keep in touch…


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